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Presently Our areas of operations are as listed hereunder:

Water system
Water intake and transmission systems
Water Treatment Plants
Water supply and distribution systems
DM/RO/Ion Exchange systems
Swimming pools

Waste water system
Sewage Treatment Plants
Sullage Treatment Plants
Package Treatment Plants
Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants covering :-
- Refinery, Petrochemicals, Fertiliser, Chemicals,
- Distillery, Sugar, Brewery,
- Pulp & Paper, Textile, Dying & Printing,
- Dairy, Food processing, Soft Drink, Edible Oil,
- Meat processing, Tannery,
- Heavy metals, Electroplating, Iron & steel,
- Ceramics, Miscellaneous.
Recovery, Reuse and effluent recycling systems

Semi Solid/ Solid waste management
Sludge Treatment Plants
Energy Recovery Plants from Sludge/Organic waste

Environmental Management
Environment Impact Assessments
Environment Impact Statements
Environment Management Plan

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